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Ethinos Labs is a space where we actively track the 'buzz of the moment' events. Yes, client work keeps us busy, but our social media scientists, work just as hard to keep track of what the nation is buzzing about!

By tracking the volume of chatter for major keywords and popular Hashtags, bucketing the positive, negative and neutral entries we determine all kinds of stuff from game predictions to national moods swings! The algorithms are complicated, but they're put across rather simplistically in the trackers and predictors published in 2011.

Below is some of the work that our scientists have put together.

Our very own match predictor, launched during the ICC World Cup - 2011, in March-April of 2011 tracked the interest factor for our Cricket crazy nation during the tournament, the most popular teams and players and most importantly, all the chatter on social media sties, predicting the outcome of the world cup!

The match predictor for the IPL T20 tournament, launched in May 2011 predicted the tournament results, while capturing which IPL Team was most popular during the season and who the popular players of the season were. Click the button for details. Sorry no betting, please!

This mood tracker was created when the fight against corruption was at its peak with Anna Hazare's fast in August 2011 and millions of Indians united for the cause. The tool tracked the nation interest in terms of it's sentiments towards the government and the movement itself. Push the button on the right to check out where the nation stands in terms of the fight against corruption.

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